IASbaba's 60 Days Rapid Revision Series (RaRe) Archives Help Aspirants Succeed in 2024

IASbaba, a leading online platform for UPSC IAS exam preparation, has launched its 2024 60 Days Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series to help aspirants effectively prepare for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Exam. The series, according to toppers and past participants, is the most comprehensive program that allows students to revise, complete the syllabus, and practice tests on a daily basis.

The program's daily itinerary consists of:

Static Prelims MCQs (Monday-Saturday) Daily Static Quizzes will cover all the topics of static subjects, including Polity, History, Geography, Economics, Environment, and Science and Technology. IASbaba will publish 20 questions daily, ensuring timely and systematic revision of your static subjects.

Current Affairs MCQs (Monday-Saturday) IASbaba will publish daily 5 Current Affairs questions based on sources like 'The Hindu,' 'Indian Express,' and 'PIB.' These questions will be published from Monday to Saturday according to the schedule.

CSAT Quiz (Monday-Friday) CSAT has been a challenging topic for many aspirants. To address this, IASbaba has included a daily 5 CSAT questions publication.

Note: Daily tests consist of 20 static questions, 10 current affairs questions, and 5 CSAT questions, totaling 35 Prelims questions, all presented in quiz format. These will be updated daily to keep aspirants accountable, responsible, and sincere in the days leading up to the exam.

Aspirants are encouraged to comment their scores in the comment section to hold themselves accountable and to track their progress. Moreover, IASbaba will introduce the cut-off based on these daily scores, giving aspirants a realistic estimate of their performance.

The following test is based on the 2024 60 Days Plan UPSC syllabus for UPSC IAS Prelims. To view solutions, follow these instructions:

Click on the "Start Test" button Solve the questions Click on the "Test Summary" button Click on the "Finish Test" button Now, click on "View Questions," where you will find solutions and links.

IASbaba's 60 Days Rapid Revision Series has been designed to provide a structured approach to learning, with daily tasks and quizzes to reinforce knowledge and ensure efficient preparation for the UPSC IAS Prelims exam. For inquiries and more information, visit the official IASbaba website.

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