Intelligence Failure on China, TikTok Trouble, and a Biden Advance Team in Turmoil

The Russia Hoax and Fake Impeachment Trials

The CIA has confessed they were engaged in a coordinated campaign to spread misinformation and fabricate negative narratives about the Chinese government. The operation which began in 2019 involved using false identities to publish the fabricated stories overseas and leaking intelligence to news outlets. This is eerily similar to the Russian collusion hoax which was proved to be a hoax. The difference is that this plot was actually successful because very few people in America actually believe anything positive about China or Russia. The larger point is that government intelligence agencies are routinely used for political purposes to undermine opponents and to distract the public from the actual corruption and problems in the US. The CIA should focus on collecting intelligence and stopping actual threats rather than engaging in these juvenile games.

Botched Biden Advance Team

There are serious concerns about the current direction of the office, according to interviews with 18 current and former White House staffers and people who have worked directly with the office. The culture within the office has gotten so bad that the White House Counsel's Office opened an investigation, according to three people who were contacted last fall by the office for interviews. This investigation was prompted by complaints of verbal harassment by Ian Mellul, the former associate director of presidential advance. Mellul resigned on March 1 following a monthslong investigation, according to multiple people familiar with the situation. It has also been reported that the Biden office has earned such a bad reputation that some seasoned vets have declined to pitch in when asked. These folks are upset with the culture on the advance team and place blame on the person who oversaw it, Ryan Montoya. This just further exemplifies the toxicity and turmoil amongst Biden's team.

Trump on Entitlements and Debt

Mellul resigned on March 1 following a monthslong investigation, according to multiple people familiar with the situation. Trump was interviewed by CNBC and was asked about the debt and entitlements. Trump disagrees with the statement and mentions that there are a lot of cuts and also theft and mismanagement of entitlements. He claims that the country is weak and they will weaken social security because the country is weak. These statements are a stark contrast to the actions taken by the Obama-Biden administration and the proposed deals during the Trump era. It's important to note that both parties know the ball is about to get rolling on this and it's a tactic to distract from the actual issues at hand.


It's always important to fact-check and research current events, especially when it comes to politics. Make sure to stay informed and check the accuracy of sources and news releases you read. Stay cautious of misinformation and fake news, as it is widely spread and easily consumed through social media and news outlets.

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