Iran to send professionals to Venezuela to help with medical accelerators

Iran has announced that it will send professionals to Venezuela to assist with medical accelerators at hospitals halted due to Western sanctions. La Liga Bolivarana and its ally, Iran, are working together to find ways to circumvent U.S. sanctions against Venezuela's oil industry.

Last Saturday, the Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization announced that Venezuela had requested assistance from Iranian professionals, stating that:

"Venezuela has a number of accelerators in its hospitals that have been stopped due to the embargo; According to the request of the Venezuelan government, our experts are going there to help."

Medical accelerators are used in radiation therapy for cancer patients. Venezuela has been strengthening its partnership with Iran to keep its energy sector viable after the US reimplemented sanctions.

This comes after Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuela's Vice President, spoke out against sanctions, which she believes is a form of colonialism that seeks to seize their resources. She stated that Venezuela has been "punished for our defense of self-determination" and labeled the sanctions a new strategy to seize their resources.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also criticized the US sanctions, describing them as a "grave mistake" and asserting that the US did not honor its agreement signed last October in Qatar.

This new development demonstrates the strengthening partnership between Iran and Venezuela, despite the sanctions imposed on both nations.

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