IT Veteran Opinions on Social Media and AI Lowering the Bar for Success in Modern Society

I'm an IT expert with over 24 years of experience, and I've seen the devastating effects of social media and AI on upward mobility and recognition. In today's world, a new social media platform pops up every day, forcing us to start from scratch in building our online presence and credibility.

The competition on these platforms is fierce, with millions of users vying for attention, but the secret rules and algorithms of these platforms make it nearly impossible for us to succeed without paying for advertising or promotion. It's frustrating to see our original ideas and innovations crawled and paraphrased by the tech machine, especially for those of us who have accomplished great things in our fields but receive little recognition or profit.

I believe that social media and AI have decimated our ability to achieve success and upward mobility. The prevalence of social media has lowered the bar for what resonates with audiences, prioritizing praise, publicity, and the promotion of already popular figures, businesses, and political content.

The tools and platforms powered by AI have made it easier for people to achieve success without genuine skill or innovation. This makes it harder for individuals and businesses to stand out in an increasingly crowded and impersonal landscape. I worry about the consequences of this, such as the spread of misinformation, the degradation of meaningful human connection, and the proliferation of useless content that lacks substance or value.

In conclusion, I urge us to consider the unintended consequences of AI and social media and to strive for authenticity, efficacy, and stability in our future. Let's hold ourselves and our leaders accountable for moral, responsible, and inclusive actions.

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