IVF Destroys Human Beings at a Higher Rate Than Abortion: Senate Struggles to Protect "Right to IVF" While GOP Offers Morally Compliant Alternative Bundle

The US Senate has been attempting to declare certain reproduction-related issues as "rights", including the "right to contraception" and, unfortunately, the "right to IVF". Fortunately, Republicans are not universally opposed to protecting IVF, and have offered their own, morally compliant, alternative bundle called the IVF Protection Act (IVFPA). Here are four things to know about IVF and the current struggle in the Senate:

  1. Embryos Are Destroyed At A Higher Rate In IVF Than They Are Killed In Abortions. Out of the 2.5 million annual attempts of IVF around the world, only 500,000 babies are born as a result of the procedure. This means that at least 80% (at least 2 million) of the human beings created through IVF either die during the procedure, are frozen indefinitely, or are destroyed. Compared to the 73 million abortions that take place each year globally, this rate is higher than abortions.
  2. No State Is Attempting to Ban IVF. Unfortunately, some media outlets have misreported the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on IVF, leading many to believe that IVF is now banned in that state. In truth, the ruling set a precedent for parents to be allowed to file wrongful death lawsuits and sue for damages when embryos stored in a lab are destroyed without parental permission. Abortion advocates have claimed that this ruling jeopardizes IVF in all states, which is simply not true.
  3. There is Wide Support for IVF, Even Among Those Who Are "Pro-Life". Surprisingly, even the "pro-life" supporters among Republicans voted in favor of the IVFPA, with Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski (who typically vote with Democrats in favor of abortion) voting in favor of the IVF Rights Act. In a statement released ahead of Thursday's vote, the Republicans wrote, "In vitro fertilization is legal and available in every state across our nation…We strongly support continued nationwide access to IVF, which has allowed millions of aspiring parents to start and grow their families."
  4. 'All 100 Senators Support IVF', Claims Cruz. Unfortunately, the IVFPA, sponsored by Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt, was struck down on Wednesday by an objection from Sen. Patty Murray (D), who called it "a PR tool, plain and simple". In response, Cruz stated, "To the best of my knowledge, all 100 senators in this body support IVF. We invite our colleagues in the Senate from both sides of the aisle to join together in supporting this crucial legislation."

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