Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Community Files Lawsuit Against Town of Ramapo For Flying Israeli Flag Above Municipal Office

The declarative statement of Leibish Iliovits, the sole named plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Town of Ramapo for flying the Israeli flag above its municipal office, details the events that led to the lawsuit and the rationale behind it. The statement describes the history of the Satmar Jewish community, which includes the Holocaust and the loss of most family members, and the subsequent development of strict beliefs that include the rejection of the state of Israel and Zionism. The plaintiff claims that flying the Israeli flag violates the religious beliefs of the thousands of Hasidic Ultra-Orthodox residents of Ramapo and creates a potential danger and violence against them.

The statement goes on to explain that the actions of the Israeli government erode religious practices and beliefs and that the flag flying over the municipal building falsely declares that all Jews support Israel's actions. The plaintiff's attorney, Stanley L. Cohen, details the history of Orthodox rabbis' collective rejection of Zionism before World War II and explains that the Satmar Jewish community's opposition to the Israeli flag flying is rooted in religious belief, not anti-Semitism. The lawsuit seeks an order from the Court to remove the flag and cease flying it in the future.

The statement concludes with the argument that the Israeli flag flying over the municipal building misrepresents the opinions of the Jewish community and serves only to support the agendas of Ramapo politicians.

This statement provides insight into the legal battle over the Israeli flag flying over the Town of Ramapo's municipal building and the underlying religious and political beliefs that fuel the controversy.

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