July 6 — The New York Times Says Kamala Harris Is a Better Candidate Than Joe Biden, but Readers React with Consternation and Disagree

TheNYT has thrown its weight behind Kamala Harris against Biden

The New York Times has now thrown its weight behind a Kamala Harris presidential campaign against Biden, citing her stronger performance against Trump in polls. However, readers are concerned that the article ignores some of Harris' past flaws and failures as a candidate.

'"It’s her party now"

Drudge Report header saying "It's her party now," with a photo of Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. Photo credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky.

Biden's age and ability

Many Democrats are concerned about Biden's age and ability to serve as president. They are worried that he may not be up to the job physically or mentally. Some are pushing for him to step down, and for Vice President Kamala Harris to take over as the Democratic nominee.

A strong replacement

Some, like Rep. James E. Clyburn, support Harris as a logical replacement for Biden. Clyburn insists that the party "should not, in any way, do anything to work around Ms. Harris."

But risks remain

Despite Harris' support, many Democrats still have concerns about her as a candidate. Her presidential campaign unraveled swiftly in 2020, and she has been accused of not being up to date on key issues. Even Biden has described her as a "work in progress."

Nellie Bowles is on break

Writer Nellie Bowles is on break, and podcaster Katie Herzog is filling in for this week's The Gist.

A confusing substitute

Herzog's summary "TGIF: It’s just my brain" lacks the flair and humor of Bowles' usual work. Readers are unsure who the target audience is, and some are pushing for Al Franken to replace Biden.

Olympic runner identifies as non-binary

A Washington Post article has sparked controversy by identifying an Olympic runner who was born female as non-binary and transgender. Readers are confused by the description, which seems to contradict the runner's biology and identity.

Bank of America charges for checking accounts

The head of America's largest retail bank has announced that customers will soon have to pay to have checking accounts. Customers are outraged by the change, with many saying it is deceitful and disgusting.

That's all for today

These are the major headlines for July 6, 2024. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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