King Charles Diagnosed with Cancer, Suspends Public Engagements; Free Press: Therapist Blows Whistle on Gender Transition Industry; Arkansas Governor Sanders Bans 'Woke' Words in State Docs; Woke Kindergarten a Bid for Cash?

Despite recent reports that King Charles II was in good health, recent developments have shown that the King has been diagnosed with cancer. Though the palace has not specified the type of cancer, it has been revealed that the diagnosis was found during a procedure to treat an enlarged prostate. The King will be suspending public engagements in order to undergo treatment.

In other news, the Free Press reports on a therapist who blew the whistle on the gender transition industry, claiming that they were pressured to approve all teen gender transitions despite their history or mental health conditions. The therapist claims that this new trend of "affirmative care" for young people with gender dysphoria challenges the very fundamentals of what therapy is supposed to provide and can cause irreversible damage to their clients.

Lastly, the Woke Kindergarten, a federally-funded project at secondary schools in Hayward, California, is examined in light of its capitalist roots. Despite the founder claiming to despise capitalism, their social media history reveals a wealth of education and world travel that perfectly positioned them to strike it rich in this economy.

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