KQED Youth Advisory Board Collaborates with Rightnowish for Youth Takeover

KQED is proud to announce our collaboration with the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for the Rightnowish podcast in celebration of the KQED Youth Takeover. Rightnowish serves as a mentor for youth interested in journalism and media careers, sparking inspiration, innovation, and informing the next generation of leaders. Join us as we witness the future of media journalism firsthand, as four Bay Area high school students craft social media content for Rightnowish episodes.

The YAB members were given the freedom to create their pieces and could choose the structure and style they desired. Their passion for filmmaking and video production was evident in the promotional content they created, specifically designed to attract a youth audience.

Through this collaboration, the YAB members gained valuable experience in media creation and received a glimpse into what their future careers could look like in journalism or media production. YAB members Lyric, Maceo, Vanessa, and Jeanette reflect on their experience and share their journey in crafting these social media pieces.

"I learned that not all feedback should be taken offensively and that being open to different perspectives can push you towards your better self." - Lyric on feedback from this experience.

"I learned that there are many different rounds of feedback needed for even a one-minute video. These elevated our video to a higher level each time." - Vanessa on feedback.

"I learned to work with a team and to commit not just to myself, but to others. It has also helped me with my editing skills." - Lyric on what they gained from the experience.

"This gave me extremely valuable experience and exposure in the career of media creation. I learned how to create media with a team and help each other improve our own work in the process." - Maceo on how this experience might apply to their future career interests.

"This introduced me to the basics of media creation and what is expected of me. I'm thinking about being a movie editor, so this exposed me to what it would be like. I truly appreciate this opportunity for allowing me to understand what it's like to create content, especially when it comes to the editing process." - Jeanette on their newfound knowledge.

"I hope to one day be a feature film director and screenwriter, so I will be working in the entertainment industry in the future. I will take the knowledge I learned as a KQED Youth Advisory Board member with me as I look for jobs in media in the future." - Vanessa on their future career interests.

Stay tuned for more updates on the KQED Youth Takeover and hear more from the Youth Advisory Board members by following the KQED Arts Instagram page from April 22-26, 2024.

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