KQED Youth Advisory Board Partners with Rightnowish for Youth Takeover

KQED has announced a collaboration with its Youth Advisory Board for its fourth anniversary with a project titled KQED Youth Takeover. The project will feature promotional content for Rightnowish episodes created by Youth Advisory Board members with the goal of drawing in a youth audience.

The Youth Advisory Board members were tasked with creating social videos to promote Rightnowish episodes with the goal of attracting a youth audience. The members were given complete freedom to create their content with the podcast themes they were most interested in. They were also involved in brainstorming sessions, scriptwriting, and A/V scripting.

The members who participated were Lyric, Jeanette, Maceo, and Vanessa, who met with the Rightnowish editors to create ideas for the promotional videos.

The main objective of the collaboration was to provide a platform for the youth to express their voices and promote their creativity. The Youth Advisory Board members learned about feedback and editing while working with professional journalists, gaining valuable experience in media creation and collaborating with others productively.

Through this initiative, KQED hopes to inspire young people to pursue careers in journalism and media. The Youth Advisory Board is an integral part of KQED's community mission to foster the next generation of mediamakers and provide them with the skills and experience necessary to pursue their careers.

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