Man Accused of Murder, Pardoned by Texas Governor, Returns Guns; PGA Golfer Arrested and Charged with Felony Assault, Faces 5 Years for Dragging Cop; Congressman Accuses Biden of Being 'Jacked Up' on Drugs for SOTU

For some reason that brings back memories of the Perry Mason show. Not the reboot, but the original from the 50s and 60s. Anyways, here is this week's news briefing:

News Report 1: An armed protester shot and killed in Texas will receive a presidential pardon from Governor Greg Abbott. On June 1, 2020, Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old white man and Air Force veteran who was sympathetic to the protests, carried an AK-47-style rifle to a rally against police violence in downtown Austin, as is legal in Texas, with the stated goal of protecting other marchers, including his longtime girlfriend. Daniel Perry, a 30-year-old white man and Army sergeant who was driving for Uber that night, ran a red light and drove his car into a crowd. He was also legally carrying a gun. Foster, sensing a potential threat, approached Perry's car. Perry, seeing a man with a rifle, also sensed a potential threat. Perry shot Foster to death. His defenders claim that Perry fired because Foster pointed his rifle at Perry. He did not, as Perry made clear in his initial interview with police. He told officers that he was the first to point his gun. To police, Perry said, "I believe he was going to aim [his rifle] at me. I didn't want to give him a chance." He was not, in other words, claiming the right to self-defense. He was claiming the right to preemptively kill someone he thought might become a threat. A jury of Perry's peers determined he had not acted in self-defense, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder in 2023. A day later, Abbott vowed that he would pardon Perry pending a recommendation to do so by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, whose seven members Abbott appointed. Subsequently, Perry's long history of angry racist outbursts came to light when the court released the records gathered during his trial. From the Austin American-Statesman: The posts unsealed Thursday included messages such as "Black Lives Matter is racist to white people....It is official I am racist because I do not agree with people acting like monkeys," Perry wrote. Perry also posted on June 1, 2020, "It is official I am a racist because I do not agree with people acting like animals at the zoo." On another Facebook post on June 1, 2020, Perry wrote that "now it is my turn to get banned (from Facebook) by comparing the black lives matter movement to a zoo full of monkeys that are freaking out flinging their shit." He also said, "My parents own a 4 bedroom house and the BLM movement believes that my parents should give their house to a poor black family and pretty much live in a one bedroom house that they should buy with money they don't have." On June 6, 2020, Perry said in another conversation on social media that "BLM (Black Lives Matter) is the result of victim mentality." "Also yes what happened to George Floyd is messed up but he is no martyr. His autopsy showed he had meth and fentanyl in his system," Perry wrote. These revelations momentarily scared Abbott out of his promise to pardon Perry. This week, though, believing the smoke had cleared, he followed through with his promise. He gave Perry a full pardon. Perry even got his guns back. From The Texas Tribune: "Among the voluminous files reviewed by the Board, they considered information provided by the Travis County District Attorney, the full investigative report on Daniel Perry, plus a review of all the testimony provided at trial," Abbott said in a statement announcing the proclamation that absolved Perry. "Texas has one of the strongest 'Stand Your Ground' laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney."

Needless to say, the family of the murdered man did not hold similar views. From The New York Times: The family of the protester, Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old former mechanic in the U.S. Air Force, expressed disbelief at the decision and saw a political motivation. Republicans, including the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, and the political pundit Tucker Carlson, had called for Mr. Perry's pardon. "It doesn't make sense. I feel like I'm in a 'Twilight Zone' episode. This doesn't happen," Mr. Foster's mother, Sheila, said in a telephone interview. "It seems like this is some kind of a political circus and it's costing me my life." Her son was a supporter of the Second Amendment, she said, who

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