Maryland Democrat David Trone pulls ad after outrage from black voters over 'training wheels' phrase

congressman david trone pulled the ad, which featured a host of black state officials, after outrage from the black voters. the phrase, 'u.s. senate is not a place for training wheels', was complained as disparaging and dismissive towards black women, echoing tones of misogyny and racism, from 650 black women including former democratic national committee chairwoman donna brazile. the campaign denied changing the ad due to the controversy, claiming it was only a typographical error fix.

the previous incident of trone, a white man, allegedly using a racist term during a hearing went unnoticed. the ad pullout is a blow to trone's campaign against prince george's county executive angela alsobrooks, who could potentially be the first black woman to represent maryland in the us senate. the incident reflects the increasing concerns of black voters about the treatment by the democrats. the outrage could also be a potential threat to alsobrooks' campaign, as black voters are a crucial voting block in the democratic party.