Masters in Business with Jeffrey Sherman, DoubleLine's Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Barry Ritholtz welcomes Jeffrey Sherman, DoubleLine's Deputy Chief Investment Officer, to discuss fixed income and equity investments, quantitative strategies, and the current market environment. With a background in applied mathematics and financial engineering, Sherman has over a decade of experience in the finance industry. He joined DoubleLine in 2009 and currently serves as Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

During the podcast, Sherman offers insightful perspectives on the financial industry. He shares his career journey, reflecting on his decision to transition from pure mathematics to applied mathematics and later to financial engineering. Sherman discusses the importance of understanding accounting and finance when applying mathematical concepts to real-world financial problems.

He also emphasizes the distinction between probability and statistics, noting that they are different disciplines but often conflated. Additionally, Sherman highlights the value of logical reasoning and critical thinking in the fields of mathematics and finance.

Turning to the current market environment, Sherman analyzes the unprecedented phenomenon of negative interest rates and the challenges they pose to investors. He offers insights on the impact of negative rates on asset prices, the search for yield, and the potential consequences for the economy.

Throughout the podcast, Sherman emphasizes the importance of fundamental analysis, a pragmatic approach to investing, and a focus on risk management. He stresses the need for critical thinking and a deep understanding of financial concepts, urging individuals to educate themselves and make informed investment decisions.

In conclusion, Barry Ritholtz and Jeffrey Sherman delve into various aspects of the financial industry, exploring the interplay between mathematics, finance, and investment strategies. Sherman's insights offer a nuanced understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by investors in today's market environment.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about DoubleLine's investment approach, fixed income and equity strategies, and Sherman's perspectives on the financial industry.

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