Maya Hawke Discusses Her New Album 'Chaos Angel,' Getting Honest About Her Musical Evolutions, and How She Finest her Vocal Range as an Actor

Maya Hawke is an artist who has successfully ventured into multiple industries as a singer, songwriter, and actor. As she prepares to release her new album, entitled "Chaos Angel," and films the final episodes of Stranger Things, Hawke speaks with Variety about her artistic processes, inspirations, and evolving sound.

Regarding the upcoming album, Hawke says, "I have a hectic life, but I have a great life." Despite experiencing days where she feels like staying in bed, she continues, "I'm enjoying it all at this moment." With this latest record, Hawke embraces a more personal and vulnerable sound, drawing inspiration from her mid-20s realization of repeated mistakes and patterns in her relationships.

Regarding the writing process, Hawke notes, "I might've wanted something to sound brighter, heavier, or sadder, but if I didn't know the language, I might leave it alone." Now, with the same team, she can experiment with harmonies, drum tracks, and other elements to bring her visions to life.

Regarding her acting career, particularly in Stranger Things, Hawke credits Hutson for encouraging her to bring character and personality to her vocal moments. "It is actorly," she says, emphasizing the importance of portraying singing characters, such as a disenfranchised frat boy or a bored singing character.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Hawke expresses her admiration for Taylor Swift's songwriting ability to tell a story concisely and with an emotional tension build and release, all within a three-minute song. She praises Swift's ability to endure in the industry as a woman and avoid being "eaten up and spit out by the public."

Overall, the interview sheds light on Hawke's creative processes, inspirations, and evolving sound in her upcoming album, "Chaos Angel."


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