Michigan Wolverines Recruiting: The Profiles: A Late Look at the 2022 Class, and Grading the Staff That Recruited It

The 2022 Michigan Wolverines recruiting class was stacked with high-ceiling players, as the team looked to build on its success and compete for a national championship. However, the class was also marked by the new NIL era in college football and the recruiting market's overreactions, leading to a lack of playing time for many players.


The quarterback position was a notable weakness in this class, as Michigan failed to secure an elite prospect to compete for playing time in 2024 or 2025. The lack of competition behind starter JJ McCarthy could hurt the team in the future.

Running Back

On a more positive note, the running back position was a strong point of the class, as both Ben Hall and Cole Cabana were expected to be major contributors.

Wide Receiver

The wide receiver group was small but talented, with high expectations for Karmello English, Fredrick Moore, and Semaj Morgan. However, all three players would leave Michigan without making much of an impact.

Tight End

The tight end group was another strong point of the class, with Zack Marshall and Deakon Tonielli showing potential. However, the group was overshadowed by the impressive play of Logan Brown and JJ Mataska.

Offensive Line

The offensive line was a mixed bag, with high floors in Evan Link and Amir Herring but a lack of elite prospects. The team would address this issue in the 2023 class, signing three five-star offensive linemen.

Defensive Tackle

The defensive tackle group was solid, with Cameron Brandt and Brooks Bahr providing depth behind veterans Mazi Smith and Kris Jenkins.

Edge Rusher

The edge rusher group was led by Aymeric Koumba, Enow Etta, and Josaiah Stewart, all of whom had high ceilings but needed to develop.


The linebackers were a strength of the class, with Jason Hewlett, Hayden Moore, and Semaj Bridgeman showing potential. However, the group was overshadowed by the impressive play of Junior Colson, Ross Gengel, and Jack Anderson.


The safety group was led by Brandyn Hillman, who made the switch from wide receiver to safety and became a key contributor.


The cornerback group was stacked with talent, including Jyaire Hill, DJ Waller, and Cam Calhoun. However, the group was also marked by transfers and missed opportunities, as Michigan failed to secure top prospects like Will Johnson and Aaron Gates.


The special teams unit was led by kicker K Adam Samaha, who was expected to be a key contributor but ultimately struggled.

Overall Evaluation

The class was a mix of high-ceiling players and projects, as Michigan looked to build for the future. The team's NIL approach may have cost them some top prospects, but the staff ultimately did a good job of identifying and securing high-potential players. Overall, the class was a B+, with an "A" for transfers.

Staff Evaluation

Grades are on a curve because the NIL situation wasn't their doing.

Steve Clinkscale (DBs): A. This class was defined by boom-or-bust athletes and Michigan's reinsertion into Ohio, both of which can be credited directly to Clink. While laying the groundwork for the Jordan Marshall class, Clink raided his alma mater of Youngstown Chaney for 2023 diamonds Jason Hewlett and DJ Waller, and pulled Breeon Ishmail and Cam Calhoun out of Cincy. Clink also won class jewel Jyaire Hill over a pitched battle with Ryan Walters, and scored late with Hillman, though that was a joint effort. Ron Bellamy (WRs): A-. There was a point in the cycle when it seemed like Bellamy was the only guy doing it. Mac was out, Helow was chasing 5-stars, Harbaugh was chasing the NFL, Weiss was chasing Harbaugh, Jay was chasing Dante Moore because Weiss couldn't be bothered, and Gattis and Nua were chasing new jobs. Ron was chasing a lot of WRs out of his reach, but he was also scouting Fredrick Moore, securing his dude Semaj Morgan, and staying on his fav Karmello English through an Auburn commitment. Bellamy, using brother-in-law Tshimanga Biakabutuka's residence as a home base, was also the man behind all of the interest from Virginia/Maryland/Carolina prospects like Hillman, Link, and Josiah Stewart. Amir Herring also played for Ron at West Bloomfield. Mike Elston (DL): B+. He couldn't get traction with the kinds of guys Notre Dame had, but Elston always had some good

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