Money Scam or Balloons? Investigating the Satellite Programs of Government Space Agencies

The belief that man-made satellites exist in orbit around the earth is a widely accepted fact in modern times. This article looks at the possibility that this belief is actually false and that, in reality, there are no satellites orbiting the earth.

The existence of satellites in orbit is supposedly evidenced by the ability of these satellites to take detailed photos of the earth and transmit data. It is claimed that satellites are expensive to launch and maintain; however, the exact same function can be achieved on the ground using towers or using high-altitude balloons at a much lesser cost. In addition, it is claimed that before and during World War II, the US government used high-altitude balloons for all the functions that are now attributed to satellites, and also had a satellite-balloon program in the 1950s.

It is suggested that all the functions of satellites can be achieved on the ground using towers, and at a higher altitude using high-altitude balloons, and that the cost of launching satellites into orbit has been a money scam. The article raises the possibility that all satellites launched by government space agencies have been launched by high-altitude balloons and have been nothing more than a money scam.

The article concludes that the money spent on satellite launches would have been better spent on more worthwhile and necessary areas such as medical research.

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