NBA, NHL Titles, UEFA Euros, UFL Final Could Produce Multiple sweeps This Weekend

The Celtics go for the sweep tonight in Dallas, and the Panthers will do the same tomorrow night in Edmonton. They beat the Oilers, 4-3*, on Thursday behind Conn Smythe favorite Sergei Bobrovsky, who has stopped 82 of 86 shots in the series. It ain't over 'til it's over (but it's probably over): While the Mavs and Oilers still believe they can win a championship, history isn't on their side. No NBA team has ever overcome a 3-0 deficit (0-156 all-time, 0-14 NBA Finals) and it's happened only four times in the NHL, with just one occurrence in the Stanley Cup Final (Maple Leafs over Red Wings in 1942).

NHL trivia: Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars have reportedly agreed to a five-year, $275 million extension that includes $142 million in fully guaranteed money. Question: Five QBs were drafted in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and Lawrence is the only one still with the team that drafted him. Can you name the other four? Hint: Three were traded this offseason. Answer at the bottom.

Coming soon: Allstate 12? The Big 12 conference is exploring a naming-rights partnership that would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, sources tell Yahoo Sports' Ross Dellenger. Details: The latest conversations have centered on retaining "12" in the "Big 12" name and removing "Big." One of the companies under consideration is the Allstate insurance company, and a possible new name would be "Allstate 12." My take: The funniest part about this whole thing is the Big 12 wanting to retain the "12" despite having 16 members. Look, I get keeping "Big 12" for brand awareness, but once you muck it up with a sponsor, you might as well call it the "Allstate 16" so at least it's accurate. In related news... It sounds like Conference USA is exploring a similar deal. One of the companies under consideration is Globe Life Insurance, and possible new league names include Globe Life Conference USA or, simply, Globe Life Conference. Yuck.

Trivia answer: Zach Wilson (Jets → Broncos), Trey Lance (49ers → Cowboys), Justin Fields (Bears → Steelers), Mac Jones (Patriots → Jaguars)

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