Netflix Retires its Basic Tier, DJI Releases the Mini 4K, and More Week in Review

  1. Apple Teases 'Different' Event Next Week, May 7th The upcoming Apple event on Tuesday, May 7, has been described by the company as "a different kind of Apple event," leading to speculation on what we can expect. There are expectations for new iPad models, specifically the iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air 6, but there could be surprises, hopefully, including a peek at the company's generative AI software.
  2. Netflix Retires its Basic Tier Subscription Netflix is retiring its Basic tier subscription across the UK and Canada, switching over to the Standard with Ads option which includes prices upwards of $13.99. Users have expressed frustration and many have threatened to cancel their subscriptions entirely. Other countries will likely follow, so hurry up and watch your favorite shows before your subscription changes.
  3. Rabbit R1 AI Assistant Disappoints The Rabbit R1, the AI assistant with a screen, failed to live up to expectations. Performance is inconsistent, the analog scroll wheel is cumbersome, and the artificial intelligence is just average. It does very little that an iPhone with the Microsoft Copilot app can't do, and the feature that allows you to access app features without using the app often fails to work. Now there are even claims that the Rabbit OS is just an Android app.
  4. DJI Mini 4K Released on Amazon DJI's cheapest 4K drone comes in at less than $300, an absolute bargain. It has similar hardware to the Mini 2 SE, and is ideal for beginners, including easy flight moves, tutorials in the Fly app, a foldable sub-250g design, 31-minute flight time, downward object sensing, and Level-5 wind resistance. It improves on the 2.7K video-equipped Mini 2 SE with higher resolution video, higher bit rates, and a 2x digital zoom.
  5. The Arc Browser is Better Than Chrome and Edge The Arc browser finally came to Windows 11 after iOS and macOS, and it's better than both Chrome and Edge. It's faster and uses less memory, and the ads on Edge cluttering your browsing experience. As a Chromium browser, it has the privacy threat of Manifest V3, and it can still track users with ad block installed, but The Browser Company team promises big feature updates and Windows 10 support.
  6. New VR Games Abandon the Quest 2 The first exclusive Meta Quest 3 games have been revealed, marking the end of the Oculus Quest 2 dominance. It's time to pick up a different standalone headset, as the newest and greatest VR software will no longer be available on the aging Meta device.
  7. Chat AI Improved with Memory Feature OpenAI has rolled out its Memory feature for ChatGPT Plus users, allowing the AI chatbot to recall key details from previous conversations. This should make AI feel more human and continue a conversation with the same person, rather than a stranger. This feature can be turned off, delete the bot's whole memory, or delete certain details.

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