New Character Creation Enhancements and Lore Changes for Improved Roleplaying and Immersion

The idea is for the creation of a character to be more in-depth and closely tied to the faction, race, and class identities. This would enhance the roleplaying aspect and immersion in the game.

  • Faction: Players would choose one of five factions: Alliance, Horde, Scourge, Sentinels, and Illidari. The Sentinels and Illidari would be new factions introduced in the article. The Alliance would represent the lawful faction, the Horde the chaotic faction, the Scourge the evil faction, the Sentinels the good faction, and the Illidari the neutral faction.
  • Race: After choosing a faction, players could select a race. For example, choosing the Horde faction would give players the option to pick between Orc subraces such as Mag'har, Green Orc, and Chaos-Fel Orc. Each subrace would come with distinct racial traits, like Savage Blood for Mag'har Orcs.
  • Clan / Tribe: Then, players would choose a clan or tribe related to their subrace, like Blackrock, Bleeding Hollow, Burning Blade, Frostwolf, Laughing Skull, Shadowmoon, Shattered Hand, Thunderlord, and Warsong for Orcs. Choosing a clan would grant players racials fitting their clan, like Blackrock players receiving a Blacksmithing trait.
  • Customization Options: Players' choices of subrace and clan would impact their class and customization options. For instance, Orcs could have different starting pets and shamanic elements based on their subrace and clan, with Mag'har Warlocks differing from Green and Chaos-Fel Orcs. Human body types would also affect gameplay, granting different racials.
  • Starting Experience: Players would get a customized cutscene reflecting their choices, like Guild Wars 2. Following the cutscene, players would embark on quests relevant to their clan, like Blackrock Orcs being tasked with producing weaponry for the Horde.
  • Faction Changes: The Sentinels and Illidari factions would introduce new races to each faction. Sentinels would include races like Night Elves, Tauren, and Worgen, while the Illidari could consist of Demon Hunters, Blood Elves, and Draenei.
  • Race Changes: Trolls would have three body types: slender, large, and upright. Each body type would grant different racials, like Da Voodoo Shuffle for slender Trolls, Berserking for large Trolls, and Embrace of the Loa for upright Trolls. Players could also choose Troll types like Jungle Troll, Forest Troll, Sand Troll, Dark Troll, Frost Troll, Zandalari Troll, and Blood Troll.
  • Customization Options: Troll customization could include options like moss hide for Forest Trolls, harsh conditions for Sand Trolls, and Shadowmeld for Dark Trolls. Zandalari Trolls could have the City of Gold and Pterrordax Swoop traits.

In summary, these new character creation options and lore changes would enhance roleplaying and immersion in the game. Players could have a more personalized and engaging experience based on their choices of faction, race, clan, and customization options.

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