News Digest: Woodcock Whistle; Air Filters; immunity Battle

Bird Song of the Day The American Woodcock, recorded at Brown Hill, Ontario, Canada. 17'38" of peents (title worthy of John Cage). 1962!

In Case You Might Have Missed It: (1) Seattle Clean Air Collective (2) Presidential immunity argued at the Supreme Court. (3) Susie Wiles, feared political operative and Trump's right hand person. (4) AI infesting Etsy crochet pattern marketplace.

Look for the Helpers: The Seattle Clean Air Collective Is Making the City's Shows and Spaces COVID-Safer The Stranger

The Constitutional Order (Insurrection) Trump v. United States, the Presidential immunity case in which oral arguments were heard yesterday Washington Post

So many of the social reactions that strike us as psychological are in fact a rational management of symbolic capital Bourdieu

The Last Thing This Supreme Court Could Do to Shock Us Slate

US Supreme Court signals delay in ruling on Trump's claim of absolute immunity France24

Trump could avoid trial this year on 2020 election charges. Is the hush money case a worthy proxy? Orlando Sentinel

The Most Feared and Least Known Political Operative in America Politico

Biden changes walking routine to Marine One Axios

Inside the failed White House coup to oust Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre New York Post

With DNC nomination set for after Ohio deadline, legislators negotiate to ensure Biden is on ballot FOX

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