News Update | Earth Day Special: Environment and Politics

Here is today's news update focusing on environmental news and politics.

The Macauley Library has released a new recording of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak bird from 1929. Ed Yong, a Covid journalist, has turned to birding and finds that it provides him with a deeper connection to the natural world. Yong advocates for spending more time outdoors and discovering the creatures that live among us.

Political news indicates that the Biden Administration will be unable to make headway in constructing a pier off Gaza. Shipments and infrastructure projects are also affected by the ongoing pandemic and shortages. The jury for Trump's hush money trial is currently being selected, and it appears that Biden is leading in Pennsylvania. A new poll shows that most people believe the Trump presidency was better for America than the presidency of Trump's opponent, President Joe Biden.

In other news, Biden claims that his uncle Ambrose Finnegan disappeared while crashing in an area of New Guinea with cannibals, but the military has a different story.

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