NSA and College Recommendations, Women and Self-Defense, Feet Washing, Satan Released, Covenants and Name Changes, and Anticipating Temptations

In this response, I will provide concise answers to the questions provided.

On spanking his wife: Pastor IP, you are correct that spanking his wife would be an assault and a violation of the sixth commandment. While there are exceptions for corporal punishment of children, there is no biblical passage that would provide justification for corporal punishment of a wife. However, you can remind your friend that he does have permission to spank his wife if he ever gives permission to the church to have him flogged in front of the synagogue (Matthew 10:17).

Colleges for your daughter: It is difficult to provide a definitive list of 5 colleges in America that will not undermine my daughter's faith as many such institutions may exist. However, I can suggest the following: NSA, Hillsdale College, Grove City College, and a few more that you can comfortably send your daughter to.

On women and self-defense: I do not have a dim view of women in the military, as women can serve in non-combat roles that are essential to our nation's defense. I do not have a problem with women learning martial arts for self-defense or carrying, or having a firearm at home for personal defense as long as she is not trying to be one of the guys.

On target shooting and hunting: I do not see any issue with this as long as she is not doing it trying to be one of the guys.

On feet washing: We do not practice feet washing because we do not consider it a sacramental action that Christ instituted. Instead, it was a sacrificial demeanor that Jesus modeled. In our culture, the servant would take everybody's coats. The issue was service, not sacrament.

On Satan being released: I do not believe that the elect will be deceived, but I do believe that there will still be non-elect individuals at that time who would be vulnerable. However, the revolt will be very short-lived.

On covenants and name changes: When your family immigrated and changed their last name from Martinuk to Martin, I would regard this as more of a translation and/or transplant than a rejection or dishonoring. Upon immigrating to America, you would speak a different language, which would naturally include your name. My co-grandfather is descended from Ukrainian Jews and changed his name to Garaway at Ellis Island.

On anticipating temptations: I am excited to be a part of magnifying the Lord as King in all areas of life, but we must be aware of the enemy's tactics, as I believe the enemy will try to attack through an overcorrection by young pastors and excited individuals who are awakened to kingdom theology and postmillennialism. However, an equal amount of force can stop the drift of a misaligned car tugging to the left. The concern is that the correcting force, which is present in the preaching of the young pastors and the valiant spirits of the men and women represented at the conference, can steer towards the ditch on the other side. There is a hypersensitivity to anything that smells like thinking about compromising, but it would be helpful to have a ceasefire on minor things to acknowledge the potential dangers on the other side.

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