Nuggets, Lakers Face Complicated Path; Knicks Continue To Surprise; Best Series For Next Round

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in a difficult situation, facing the possibility of being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets after leading the series in minutes played. The Oklahoma City Thunder have been a dominating force in their series against the New Orleans Pelicans, despite not having home-court advantage. The New York Knicks are on the verge of knocking out the Philadelphia 76ers, despite the Sixers having the MVP on their roster.

Herding the playoffs so far, some notable standout players include Anthony Edwards of the Timberwolves and Jalen Brunson of the Knicks, who have helped their teams sweep their respective series and appear poised to continue doing so. The Pacers are also on the verge of sweeping the Bucks, thanks to center Myles Turner's impressive performances. The Cavaliers, Magic, and Clippers are all tied 2-2 in their respective series, with the Cavaliers and Clippers facing each other and the Magic facing the Cavaliers.

Overall, the Nuggets face a challenging road ahead, with several teams eager to knock them out of the playoffs. The Lakers will need to find a way to win on the road to stay in the playoffs. The 76ers will need to find a way to contain Brunson and the Knicks to have a chance at winning the series. Finally, the Cavaliers will need to get Mitchell more involved in the series against the Magic.

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