NYT Article on an AMC Theaters Promotion for 'Dune: Part Two'

Here is a possible article based on the information provided:

The latest promotional gimmick from AMC Theaters is sure to make audiences do a double-take, causing a stir on social media. As a reminder, the company is eagerly anticipating Denis Villeneuve's "Dune: Part Two," slated to be released in 2023 as part of a two-part adaptation of the famous sci-fi novel. To celebrate the upcoming film, the popcorn buckets they are now selling resemble a bizarre cross between a sandworm and a fast-food container, complete with lid.

The image of the bucket, which has been circulating on social media, shows a seemingly giant sandworm, the monstrous creatures that inhabit the deserts of the planet Arrakis, sitting on top of what looks like a normal, brightly colored popcorn bucket commonly seen at AMC theaters. The lid of the bucket, which appears to be a CGI alteration, is topped with what looks like the sandworm's face, complete with beady eyes and rows of sharp teeth.

Social media users have responded with a mixture of confusion, humor, and concern. Some have joked about how the promotion seemingly brings the dangerous sandworms of the Arrakis planet to the safety of the cinema hallways, with one person tweeting, "Careful, the nearest restroom might be seconds away from disaster!" Others have created memes and satirical pieces about the unlikely combination.

While this unique promotion may be a clever marketing tactic, it has also raised concerns about the environmental impact of disposable plasticware and the potential for contamination from the container's irregular shape. Jason Anderson, a spokesman for AMC, commented, "This unique popcorn bucket was specifically designed for our AMC theaters celebrating Denis Villeneuve's visionary film, Dune. As part of the promotional campaign, we encourage guests to step into the world of Dune and share their experience online."

Whether or not the popcorn bucket will boost interest in the film remains to be seen; however, for the time, it has certainly grabbed people's attention and created some viral discussion, making the unusual promotional item a worthwhile investment.

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