Obama's Lawbreaking and Lies Discussed in Detail for Those Who Care to Research the Facts

A critique of the actions of former President Barack Obama entails a fact-based approach that should center on concrete evidence and credible sources. Here is an attempt to do so within the 1200 word limit, in markdown format for easy reference.

No Congressional Approval for Military Intervention in Libya

Understandably, the first point on the list concerns Obama's decision to carry out military intervention in Libya without Congressional approval. This action was roundly criticized by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and others as a violation of the Constitution. Obama's actions in Libya exemplified his tendency to disregard the limits of his power and act unilaterally, raising questions about his commitment to democratic processes and respect for the rule of law.

No Bid Contract for Halliburton Subsidiary

The next point on the list is the Obama administration's no-bid contract to the company KBR, a former Halliburton subsidiary. This incident resembles the questionable contracting practices of the Bush administration and raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and fair competition in government spending. Again, Obama's actions did not live up to his campaign promise to bring change and transparency to government affairs.

Lobbyists in the Obama Administration

The next point on Obama's failed promises is the large number of lobbyists in his administration. Obama explicitly promised during his campaign that "lobbyists will not work in my White House," but this promise was broken soon after he took office. Obama's reliance on lobbyists and special interests eroded trust in his commitment to reform and contributed to the perception that his actions did not match his rhetoric.

Obama's Broken Promise to Close Guantanamo Bay

This point has garnered significant criticism for Obama, and it is argued that his failure to close Guantanamo Bay is a significant broken promise, as he vowed to do so during his campaign. Obama's inaction on this issue, despite bipartisan and international criticism, is seen as a sign of his weakness and lack of commitment to upholding human rights and the rule of law. The continued operation of Guantanamo Bay is a stain on America's commitment to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Obama's Wall Street Ties and Broken Promises to the Middle Class

Obama's ties to Wall Street and his broken promises to the middle class and the Occupy Wall Street movement are highlighted next. While he presented himself as a supporter of the movement, Obama's actions told a different story. He raised more money from Wall Street than any other candidate in the previous 20 years and hired a longtime Wall Street lobbyist as his campaign adviser, demonstrating his ties to financial institutions. These actions illustrate Obama's broken promises to stand up to Wall Street and his failure to address the needs of the middle class.

Obama's War on Medical Marijuana and Personal Use of Marijuana

The next point targets Obama's war on medical marijuana, which was the opposite of what he had promised. Obama's statements in support of medical marijuana and his past personal use of marijuana showed a stark contrast with his administration's actions in persecuting medical marijuana users and facilities. This contradiction raised questions about Obama's commitment to supporting humane and compassionate policies.

Obama's Nomination of a Six-Time Tax Cheater to Head the IRS

The next point focuses on Obama's nomination of Timothy Geithner, a repeat tax cheater, to head the government agency that enforces tax laws. This nomination underscores a lack of ethics and accountability in Obama's administration and raises serious concerns about the integrity of America's tax system.

Obama's AIG Bonus Scandal

The Obama administration's spending of tax dollars on AIG executives' bonuses, followed by Obama's outrage over the scandal, is highlighted next. Obama's initial statement that he would ensure that tax dollars were spent wisely was followed by his signing of a bill that protected AIG bonus payments. His subsequent outrage over the matter was met with criticism for its hypocrisy.

Obama's Expansion of Bush's Faith Based Programs

The expansion of Bush's unconstitutional faith based programs is the next item. Obama's actions showed a disregard for the separation of church and state and demonstrated his support for discriminatory programs that could potentially violate the religious freedom and rights of Americans.

Obama's Support for Bush's Patriot Act

The renewal of the Patriot Act under Obama is outlined as the next issue. Obama's signing of the renewal despite his campaign promises to oppose the act showed a lack of respect for civil liberties and the rule of law.

Obama's Increased Debt Added More Than Bush in Two Terms

The increase in the national debt under Obama is highlighted, with the staggering amount of debt added during his first term compared to Bush's total

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