Oilers-Stars highlights stellar puck-stopping saves from players NOT named goaltender

The Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars are currently tied at two games a piece in the Western Conference Finals. In any given hockey game, it's not uncommon to see a handful of breathtaking saves from the goaltenders. However, these two teams have produced two extraordinary saves from puck stoppers that literally had to stop themselves from scoring.

In Game 3, Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse found himself on his knees facing away from the play in the crease. With the puck trickling towards the empty net, Nurse proceeded to make a save with his backside. Incredibly, Nurse managed to stop the puck from going in, thus preserving the tie score. Though Nurse's posterior prevented the puck from going in the net, it somehow found its way in off the aforementioned body part in Game 4. So, in essence, Nurse's ass was responsible for both a goal and a save in this series.

But that's nothing compared to what happened in Game 4. During the second period, Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger appeared to lose control of his stick. With the puck on a collision course with the empty net, Oettinger's stick somehow managed to stop it. To quote a friend of the newsletter and Oilers fan DJ Bean, "I don't love when every postseason we try to brand something 'the save' but I am on board with doing it here." Indeed, these two instances of self-saving saves are worthy of the designation.

Whether or not these two moments will have any effect on the outcome of the series remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it's great to see the NHL's top players stepping up (or in the case of Nurse and Oettinger, stepping down) when it matters most.

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