Oscar Awards 2024: Notable Moments from the Red Carpet to the Show

The 96th Academy Awards was a night to remember, packed with memorable and historic moments. From the red carpet to the show, there was no shortage of standout moments.

As usual, the red carpet provided several unforgettable moments. Let's highlight a few of them:

  • Several attendees wore blue ribbons in support of the people of Ukraine, who are currently facing a deadly conflict with Russia. The ribbon was also worn in the pre-show, with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts among those sporting the symbolic badge.
  • Brendan Fraser paid tribute to the late Betty White, saying he wished she were there. He also highlighted that the wardrobe department did an amazing job as he was told to wear colours that matched with the decor.
  • Cara Delevingne and her brother, Harvey, were in matching outfits, with Cara explaining that her brother is her date for the night.

As the show kicked off, here are some notable moments:

  • The show opened with a performance by Beyonce, who paid tribute to the Hippie Era and the Black Panther movement. She was accompanied by a group of dancers, dressed in black and wearing Afros.
  • The award for Best Documentary was presented by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, who reunited on the Oscar stage for the first time since they split. They both commented on their divorce, with Tatum saying, "We have a unique opportunity tonight to demonstrate how we can heal."
  • Will Smith presented the award for Best Actor, and cracked a few jokes, including referencing the Academy's decision to present the awards in batches. He said, "This is the Academy Awards, and we're here to give out movies. Let's get on with it!"
  • Angela Bassett, during her introduction for the Best Documentary category, wore a shirt that had the word 'Enough' on it. Bassett, known for her passionate introductions, said, "And these nominees have had enough of being overlooked."
  • Degeneres again took moments to address the conflict in Ukraine, saying, "It's a crazy time right now, but even with all of the insanity and sadness we are experiencing right now, there are still moments of joy."
  • Lady Gaga took the Oscar home for her hit song 'Til You Love Me,  and in her acceptance speech, she thanked her co-writers, and added that she hoped they would someday sing it on a stage like this.
  • The award for Best Picture was supposed to be presented by Al Pacino, but he was unable to do so as he had lost his script. In an interview after the show, he clarified that it was a choice by the producers.
  • The show concluded with a performance by Katy Perry, who took the audience on a trip down memory lane, dressed as several iconic movie characters. She ended the performance by dressing as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and was accompanied by several dancers, who were dressed as ruby slippers.

This was a brief overview of some of the notable moments from the Oscars this year. Let me know if you would like to know more about any of these moments.

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