Ozempic And How To Profit From Its Popularity

The drug Ozempic is gaining popularity for its weight-loss effects, leading to a surge in demand and profits for its manufacturer Novo Nordisk. But how can other companies benefit from this trend?

Some pharmaceutical companies have competing drugs on the market, and distributors and fitness brands could also experience a boost in demand. This article discusses the popularity of Ozempic and how other companies can ride the wave of this drug trend.

Best practices are provided as guidelines for positioning your portfolio for success, including researching before investing and diversifying your holdings.

Forbes has reported on the trend, running the numbers, conducting research, and doing analysis to provide a list of stocks that could succeed in 2024.

The full story is available here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewherper/2023/12/15/ozempic-can-make-you-skinny-rich-the-miracle-drug-that-everyone-is-talking-about/?sh=1005974e304b.

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Prospective observational study of peripheral intravenous cannula utilisation and frequency of intravenous fluid delivery in the emergency department: convenience or necessity?

Introduction Over one billion peripheral intravenous cannulas (PIVCs) are inserted worldwide each year. Insertion of PIVCs is associated with pain, phlebitis, occlusion, and medication extravasation as well as the risk of catheter-associated infection, with an associated cost to departmental resources. Previous studies have not assessed if intravenous (IV) fluid delivery