Patrick Mahomes, wife Brittany soar to new celebrity stratosphere thanks to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a type

The Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany are no strangers to fame and success, being arguably the sweetest couple in the NFL and becoming the face of the Kansas City Chiefs' franchise. But their friendship with Taylor Swift and tight end Travis Kelce put them in a whole new stratosphere. Now, with Patrick set to lead the Chiefs in the Super Bowl Sunday, the Mahomes are in a league of their own.

The couple's meteoric rise

Becoming friends with Taylor Swift has brought Brittany Mahomes into a whole new level of fame and notoriety. Since their friendship was made public, Brittany's Instagram following has grown to over 2 million, a rise of over 25%. This has brought about partnership opportunities, with Brittany making an appearance in a Skims holiday campaign with her kids. This is set to continue with her announcement on Thursday that she will be a 2024 SI Swim rookie.

Sweet synchronicity

The couple was coincidentally thrown into the spotlight at the same time, with both of them thrust into the limelight due to their legendary friendship. They've managed to keep their heads though, with Patrick commenting on how they're "kind of tossed into a world of fame. It hasn't really changed them much". Their hometown locals agree, with comments like "they're still the same awesome people we knew before all this happened".

The power of friendship

The couples' friendship has blossomed and they are frequently seen together, most recently at the Chiefs game against the NY Jets, alongside Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Sophie Turner. They even have their own custom handshakes and jackets, and a close relationship which revolves around "kindness, loyalty, and mutual respect".

Sprinkling of Stardust

But it's not just Taylor Swift who has given the Mahomes a sprinkling of stardust. The couple also counts Kim Kardashian as a friend, with the reality star and business mogul even joining the couple for a game this season. The couple has certainly done well for themselves, with Patrick's impressive performance on the field and the mutual respect and love they share with each other and their friends and family.

The keys to success

So what's the secret to the Mahomes' success? Despite their newfound fame, they've managed to maintain a strong core group of friends, keeping them grounded in their hometown whilst they soar to new heights. With a successful career, love, and family, the couple is setting the benchmark for couples in the public eye.

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