Patriots' QB Options: Ranking The Top Candidates They Should Pursue

The New England Patriots are entering a new era, post-Bill Belichick, and it is time for them to find a new quarterback. Lucky for them, they have many options to choose from.

Here are the top five quarterbacks the Patriots should pursue, along with their potential rankings for drafting or trading for:

  1. Jayden Daniels - He is the Heisman Trophy winner and reminded Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports of Lamar Jackson.
  2. Drake Maye - Six foot four with a strong arm and mobility, Drake has drawn comparisons to Justin Herbert.
  3. Caleb Williams - The Patriots brass thinks highly of Caleb, considering him one of the top three candidates to be drafted third overall.
  4. Justin Fields - Fields is only 25 years old and has elite talent, but needs a team to help refine his skills.
  5. Gardner Minshew - A veteran option, Minshew has been solid whenever called upon and would be a great bridge option while the Pats rebuild.

For more information on each player, read the highlighted article.

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