Political News of the Day: Democrats and the Working Class; Starry Night, Updated; Diddy, Son of Epstein?

Political News of the Day:

Democrats and the Working Class

A recent Vanity Fair article discusses the Trump campaign team's effectiveness in 2024. Unlike past cycles, Trump's inner circle is made up of operatives who "don't leak." The article explains that Trump's wealth and freedom are at stake, motivating him to be disciplined.

Starry Night, Updated

A New York Times article discusses a lawsuit concerning whether a painting, Starry Night, by Van Gogh, was stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The defendants claim that the painting had been looted by the Nazis but that they had purchased the painting from an art dealer in Egypt in the 1950s, unaware of its origins. The painting's ownership was transferred to the plaintiff in the 1960s. However, according to the article, there is a high likelihood that the plaintiff also knew the painting had been stolen by the Nazis but concealed this fact to increase the painting's value.

Diddy, Son of Epstein?

A new investigation by the Columbia Journalism Review claims that media outlets collaborated with Allen Weisselberg, an executive at the Trump Organization, to downplay the criminal charges filed against him. According to the investigation, several outlets coordinated with Weisselberg to create a narrative that the charges were insignificant.


In a new article, Pierre Bourdieu argues that our social reactions are often a rational management of symbolic capital. This is evident in the reaction to Trump's possession of classified documents, which Trump argues should be considered personal records and, therefore, beyond the reach of the law. A judge recently denied this argument, but the article argues that the doom of this particular issue is low.


With less than a year to go until the 2024 election, RCP poll averages show that Trump is leading in all swing states except Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania poll is noteworthy because Biden is now leading there.

Trump (R)

Trump is quoted as saying that Biden "has no clue" and is "dealing with Putin, and he's dealing with President Xi, and he's dealing with Kim Jong-un." Trump argues that the U.S. was previously safe under his administration, but that Biden has made the country vulnerable to nuclear war.

Biden (D)

An article in RealClearPolitics argues that Democrats should be worried about grassroots Republicans, like Scott Presler, who are actively registering voters and mobilizing support for Trump. The article also criticizes Democratic efforts to register young and minority voters, who tend to vote Democratic but at lower rates than older and white voters.

Kennedy (I)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running as an independent candidate for president and has questioned the prosecution of those who violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. He argues that the prosecutions may be politically motivated and that he wants to hear "every side" of the story.

Biden (D)

Judge Ana Reyes has called out what she views as a double standard applied to the Biden administration and the Justice Department in regard to the impeachment inquiry into Hunter Biden. The Justice Department has blocked key sources of evidence, just as it did when it blocked the House's attempts to interview attorneys who had worked on the Hunter Biden investigation. However, the Justice Department has demanded that those who refused to testify be jailed for six months, despite the House also refusing to allow Justice Department lawyers to be present for the depositions.


Corrente shares a goldfinch bird song and discusses the challenges of identifying woodpeckers in the northeastern United States.

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