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Bourdieu's insight

Pierre Bourdieu, the French sociologist, believed that a lot of our social reactions were in fact a rational management of symbolic capital. This is especially relevant when we classify individuals based on education, wealth, and occupation.

Biden Administration

Axios reported that Biden stated on Wednesday that there is no right to cause chaos on college campuses. In response to disruptions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at Yale University, Biden said that it is time for officials to start enforcing campus codes.

RCP Poll Averages, as of April 26, shows that national results are moving Biden's way, but all the swing states are moving Trump's way, although in tiny increments. It's hard to attribute this consistency to mere chance. Pennsylvania is the only exception, why isn't Susie Wiles fixing this?

Michael Cohen might have torpedoed the case against Trump before taking the stand by ranting about it on TikTok while fundraising, according to legal observers. ABC News published an article declaring Cohen's actions could be a problem, pointing out that Cohen has chimed in on former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker's testimony, has regularly "railed against Trump," has insisted the jury isn't "bored" and can profit when followers shower him with gifts. TikTok allows viewers to donate "gifts" as they watch users' livestreams.

Trump said on Wednesday at a rally outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that he seemed fired up as he spoke to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters for about an hour and a half. Nancy Ridge, a supporter from nearby Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, who was wearing a jacket printed with Mr. Trump's mugshot on the back and the words "Wanted: for president." Said "Especially among lower-class people who have been convicted of crimes or even falsely accused. They understand the justice system and how corrupt it can be," she said. "It's free publicity," said Jerry Cleppe, another Trump fan waiting in a queue outside the event. "It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, it's attention. The trial is a good thing."

After his rally in Wisconsin, the former president hosted another event in Michigan. Michigan and Wisconsin are the priorities (this week). Trump eyes two battleground states as he looks to tear down Dem "blue wall" again. Biden has made multiple trips to Michigan and Wisconsin this year, and his campaign enjoys a formidable advantage in both states when it comes to organization and ground-game efforts.

Politico reported that although most media retrospectives of the 1960s celebrate the marchers, the protests, the peace signs along with the compulsory Buffalo Springfield lyrics ("There's something happening here/ But

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