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"Politics: Bourdieu on Symbolic Capital, Biden on Protesting Students, Trump Trial, NY v. Trump, Trump Nostalgia

Biden: Biden on Campus Protesters, Biden's Electoral College Challenge, Don't Forget the Backlash to the '60s

Kennedy: RFK Jr. Brooklyn Event, RFK Jr.'s Megadonor Violated Environmental Laws

Bird Song of the Day: American Robin, 138 Captains Dr, West Babylon, Suffolk, New York, United States

In Case You Might Missed: (1) Boeing Deaths, (2) Trump Nostalgia, (3) Encampments News"


Bourdieu on Symbolic Capital

“So many of the social reactions that strike us as psychological are in fact a rational management of symbolic capital.” ~Pierre Bourdieu, Classification Struggles

Biden on Campus Protesters

“Biden on campus protesters: No ‘right to cause chaos’ Axios, April 26)

Correct. Let’s leave that to the Executive Branch!


2024Less than a year to go!
RCP Poll Averages, April 26:National results are still moving Biden’s way. But all the Swing States (more here) are moving Trump’s way, although in tiny increments. It’s hard to attribute this consistency to mere chance. “All” with one exception: Pennsylvania. If Susie Wiles is such a brain genius, why isn’t she fixing this?

Trump (R)

Trump (R) (Bragg/Merchan): “Michael Cohen TikTok videos, fundraising stun legal observers: May have ‘torpedoed case against Trump’ [FOX]
“Michael Cohen, who is supposed to be a star witness in NY v. Trump, might have ‘torpedoed’ the case before taking the stand by ranting about it on TikTok while fundraising, according to legal observers…. ABC News published an article Sunday declaring Cohen’s actions ‘could be a problem, pointing out that Cohen has chimed in on former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker’s testimony, has regularly ‘railed against Trump,’ has

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