Promoting Academic Integrity in an Age of Generative AI

Despite the many benefits of generative AI, it has become easier for students to cheat on assignments. Generative AI allows users to create original content with minimal human effort, which has made it difficult to detect AI-generated content. This is a challenge for educators as academic institutions are trying to figure out how to respond to the new threat to academic integrity.

However, it is important to note that cheating has always been an issue and is not entirely new. In the past, students have leveraged whatever technology was available to cheat in school, such as copying and pasting text from the internet or using advanced technologies like PhotoMath to complete homework assignments.

The key difference now is that generative AI has changed the way students cheat. It has made it faster and more difficult for educators to detect. Over the past year, AI detection programs have emerged that analyze writing to determine whether it was human-generated or AI-generated. These programs use algorithms to look for patterns in writing, including logic, digressions, and tone. However, these algorithms are still developing and have a low accuracy rate, resulting in many false positives.

To address the issue of academic integrity, it is important to take a proactive approach and teach students about the use of AI as a co-creation tool. This involves demonstrating how to use AI ethically throughout the entire writing process, from pre-writing to editing. For example, students can create sketchers, drawings, and text by hand in a journal and then use AI to clarify misconceptions. They can also be taught how to use chatbots as Q&A tools to ask questions and get follow-up answers.

It is also essential to model the co-creation process in writing, using AI as a tool and demonstrating how to use it ethically. This involves careful planning and direction, using sample texts as a starting point and citing them correctly. By taking these approaches, educators can promote academic integrity and help students learn how to use AI responsibly.

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