Rep. Raskin Slams 'Burlesque' Witness Tony Bobulinski, Says He Offered No Evidence of Biden Wrongdoing

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Bobulinski's attorney, as well as Committee Chairman James Comer, attacking Bobulinski for his "chaotic" and "burlesque" performance during his testimony, claiming he offered no evidence of Biden's wrongdoing. Raskin's letter came after Bobulinski, a one-time business associate of Hunter Biden's, appeared before the committee last week, where he claimed Joe Biden was "an enabler" of his family's overseas business schemes that "sold out to foreign actors." However, when pressed, Bobulinski was unable to produce any direct evidence that Biden was involved in these business dealings.

In his letter, Raskin also criticized Bobulinski for accusing others, including FBI agents, the Wall Street Journal, and former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, of lying. Hutchinson had claimed in her book that Bobulinski wore a "ski mask" to a secret meeting with Mark Meadows, which Bobulinski has denied. Republicans have heavily leaned on Bobulinski's claims and allegations to support their argument that Biden's involvement in his son's overseas business ventures is more than just nepotism and innocent involvement. However, Bobulinski himself has admitted that he has no evidence of Biden's direct involvement in his family's business dealings.

Bobulinski's attorney, Stefan Passantino, responded to Raskin's letter, saying that the "democrats are deliberately misleading the American public and obfuscating the facts." He claimed that Bobulinski "has laid out the facts under oath and remains willing to appear before Congress live, under oath, and next to his former business associates to lay out the facts."

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