Republicans Clarify 'Deportation' Reference Was Meant Only To Impeach, Not Deport, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Unfortunately, it seems that we have reached a point where clarification is needed for such an obvious point. Republican lawmakers have officially backed down from a controversial statement made in their latest impeachment report on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. After causing an uproar from the White House, they were forced to admit that they actually don't want to deport him, only to impeach him.

The GOP-led House Homeland Security Committee dropped the full report on impeaching the Cuba-born Mayorkas, 64, after voting along party lines to advance the process last week. The report stated, "This Committee, through these articles of impeachment, begins the process of deporting Secretary Mayorkas from his position on account of his failure to comply with his official duties," on page 127. This sparked an intense response from the White House, who quickly jumped on the bizarre deportation reference.

It appears as though the GOP lawmakers were simply trying to make a point about the punitive aspects of impeachment and hadn't yet had their coffee when they wrote the report, as one source suggested. Republicans on the committee have since clarified the statement, saying that Secretary Mayorkas simply needs to be impeached and removed from his position, not deported from the country.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has backed the impeachment effort, and a full House vote on the two articles is expected later this week. This develops as Democrats have blasted the impeachment efforts as a distraction from Biden administration policies that they believe are hurting American families, especially on the southern border.

As this story develops, it will be interesting to see how this impeachment effort plays out. Stay tuned for updates.