RFK Jr.'s Mailing List Says His Environmental Stances Have Destroyed Their Province

The sender, who is on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s mailing list, responded to a request for money by explaining the devastation that had been caused in their province and how celebrities like RFK Jr. have unwittingly contributed to this devastation. 

The sender explains that the province had the largest industrial forest in the world, which paid for education and universal health care. However, the environmental left decided to shut it down, triggering protests led by RFK Jr. through his organization RiverKeepers. The government eventually caved in to the protests, pulling permits and taking back the forests. 

This action resulted in forested communities dying, resource jobs disappearing, and families going bankrupt. The unmanaged forests also became a fire hazard, with the government resorting to money from casinos to keep the province afloat. These casinos also attracted criminal elements, specifically Asian cartels that have since taken over the province, bringing human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and drug money laundering through the local port. The sender warns that the environmental movement, of which RFK Jr. is a part, has wrought similar destruction across the world, and Cop 28 in Dubai has only accelerated this destruction. The sender concludes that the left hates humanity and Christianity, and that this hate has brought about the current plight of the province. 

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