RFK Jr.'s siblings show lukewarm support for presidential bid, openly disparage him

The one-time royal couple of American politics, Robert F. Kennedy and his wife, Ethel Skakel, had 11 children, six of whom have openly disparaged and taken steps to politically neuter RFK Jr., the would-be candidate for president in 2024.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. is far from monolithic in his views, having publicly disagreed with his mother, Ethel, and his siblings over the murder of his father, support for convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan, and COVID-19 vaccines.

While RFK Jr. himself has played down the family feud, those close to him are starting to blast his siblings, accusing them of leveraging their Kennedy ties for political gain while betraying their brother.

There has been no shortage of Kennedy family drama since the dawn of politics, but this fight among the offspring of RFK and JFK is taking things to a new level.

Here's what we know: The feud was on full display earlier this month when six of RFK Jr.'s siblings endorsed President Biden in Philadelphia, glaringly absent RFK Jr. himself.

RFK Jr., running as a independent, has said his family still loves each other and it's OK to disagree, but insiders say this drama goes deeper and is self-serving.

Longtime Kennedy family confidants say the dynasty is fractured and the siblings' public disapproval of Bobby is a moral imperative, while others point the finger at Ethel Kennedy, who some say is behind the push to support Biden over her son.

One insider says the Sirhan Sirhan parole crusade was the final straw that broke the family's back, while the author of a book on the RFK Jr. interview says he was influenced by a union official.

The Post interviewed a woman who dated one of the Kennedys and said Bobby was never a pariah, and in fact, has always been one of the family leaders.

The drama among the offspring of RFK and JFK is taking things to a new level as the 2024 presidential campaign heats up.

How the family feud will impact the dynasty is yet to be seen, but with Biden struggling in the polls, some are wondering whether RFK Jr. could be a spoiler for the Democratic Party.

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