RFK Jr.'s Vaccine Convictions Criticized but His Logic Reviewed

Dr. Mercola interviews Howie Mandel and his daughter Jackelyn Shultz about working with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Children's Health Defense organization. They discuss RFK Jr.'s dedication to the organization's important work and his passionate belief in the environmental link to illness, despite criticism of his views on vaccines.

Howie Mandel, a Canadian comedian and actor, discusses his work with the Children's Health Defense (CHD) organization, which aims to protect child health and eliminate harmful exposures, alongside his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz. They started working with CHD after Mandel's granddaughter was diagnosed with measles.

Mandel emphasizes the importance of being informed and knowledgeable about health decisions, urging people to read and learn about vaccinations. Despite some critics labeling Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent environmental lawyer and CHD's founder, as an "anti-vaxxer," Mandel and Shultz defend him, highlighting his dedication to the organization's crucial work.

They note that Kennedy has been influential in banning lead in gasoline and mercury in dentistry, highlighting his extensive record of advocacy for public health. Shultz adds that Kennedy's fervor for the environment and ecology is what propelled him to found CHD, emphasizing the importance of recognizing environmental links to illness.

Dr. Merccoli expresses concerns about Kennedy's specific claims regarding vaccines, acknowledging the overwhelming evidence of their safety and effectiveness in preventing severe complications and death from infectious diseases. However, he agrees with Kennedy's conviction that environmental toxins seriously impact child health.

Shultz emphasizes the importance of having conversations about environmental factors that contribute to illness and injury, suggesting that doing so could pave the way for real progress in pediatric healthcare. She argues that dismissing Kennedy's entire message because of divergent views on vaccines is counterproductive.

The interview concludes with the understanding that although individuals may not agree with all of Kennedy's viewpoints, he has sparked crucial discussions about environmental toxins and child health. CHD's work in this regard is acknowledged as important for raising awareness and advocating for children's well-being.

Overall, the interview highlights not only the specific criticisms of Kennedy's views on vaccines but also the broader discussion of environmental factors impacting children's health, echoing Kennedy's advocacy on these issues.

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