Russia Targets Kyiv, Injures Civilians; Ukraine Hits Kremlin's Landing Ship

Russia attacked Kyiv with ballistic missiles, targeting a children's gymnastics studio. Macronsaid the attack was likely done by IS, and Russia should not use this toturn public opinion against Ukraine. Ukraine shot down 12 Shaheddrones overnight, launched from Russian-occupied Crimea. The headsumber of Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces stands at 800. Russia attackedborder areas in Sumy Oblast, causing at least 11 explosions. In other news, Georgiarepelled Russian politicians from their government, hoping for a path to the EU.Iceland has joined the Czech ammunition initiative, spending 2 million euros onthe project, and also supporting the purchase of equipment for servicewomen in theUkrainian army.

In other news unrelated to the war in Ukraine, the US has warned Moscow of anIslamic terrorist attack. The Kremlin has blamed Ukraine for the attack onCrocus City Hall. Three more suspects have been detained in connection withthe attack. The head of the Anti-Monopoly Committee is being investigatedfor suspected illicit enrichment. The EU has delivered 500,000 shells toUkraine out of 1 million promised, to be fully delivered by the end of theyear. Russia responded to the terrorist attack by allegedly torturing thesuspects, torturing individuals has been a common practice by Russia duringthe war.

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