Russian Authorities Detain Mourners Paying Tribute to Navalny

Russian authorities continue to detain individuals mourning the death of opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Despite international condemnation and calls for an investigation into his death, Putin's regime has done the opposite and silenced any support or investigation.

The MSM and politicians are in a tizzy, with some even blaming Trump for the situation (even though he's been out of office for almost 2 years). The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that NATO has kept Russia at bay for 75 years. Voice of America reported that Russian authorities detained individuals paying tribute to Navalny. The report includes various clips and quotes from different individuals, including Nikki Haley and some EU apparatchiks.

The general sentiment of the report is critical of Putin's regime and the silencing of opposition voices. However, some users are asking pertinent questions about whether Navalny was indeed a worthy figure worth mourning or if this is just another MSM-led astroturfing operation designed to create a narrative in which the Dems can pretend to care.

An interesting point made by a user is that ignorance is now a virtue, citing the absurdity that even a drug-addled derelict like George Floyd had more public mourning than Navalny. This is indeed concerning and highlights the deteriorating standard of objective truth and rational, civil discourse.

Another user cites the usual left-wing hypocrisy and argues that if the deep state were to assassinate Trump on the eve of elections, the left would not protest this but instead say, "serves him right." This kind of selective outrage and narcissistic morality is a sadly typical trait of the modern left.

Overall, this news report is a tragic illustration of the oppression and injustice that many people face in Russia. It is important to continue highlighting these issues and advocating for those suffering at the hands of authoritarian regimes worldwide.

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