Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) Shreds Republicans For 'Gargantuan Deficits' in Overnight Spending Bill

The United States Senate passed legislation to fund the federal government until the end of the fiscal year on March 11th. The bill, which originally had $14.8 billion in funding, grew to $15.6 billion by the time it passed. Randfan said that Uniparty members of Congress are already congratulating themselves for recklessly spending your money, and they should be ashamed. He also said that there is no solution to the spending, and that GDP is an equation, and part of that equation is the parameter G, which stands for government spending, so if the government spending is at $24 trillion, it's a substantial portion of the total, and if it's cut, then GDP will also be cut.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) expressed his views on the matter, stating that if they can't keep the government funded without gargantuan deficits and 6000+ earmarks, they're doing it wrong, and Senate GOP leadership needs to change. He further elaborated that Republicans in the Senate should work towards improving budgeting with their counterparts in the House, asserting that Schumer runs the Senate with an iron fist, and Republican senators just get to gawk, emphasizing that there are a lot of senators and "representatives" that are not involved daily in current budgeting, so they have time to spare to reform the budgeting for future fiscal years.

Lee concluded his statements by saying that they need to come to accept that there is no solution for this, emphasizing that spending is over $6 trillion, and taxes are about $4 trillion for a deficit of $1.8 trillion this fiscal year.

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