Shifting Job Markets: A Honest Look at the Tech Job Ecosystem and Career Tips

The difficulty of finding employment in the tech sector is explored by Kyler Middleton, Ned Bellavance, and guest Andrew Brown in an insightful discussion on the current state of hiring. They examine the difficulties facing both job seekers and hiring organizations and offer tactical advice for navigating the ecosystem effectively.

Introduction: Hiring in the tech industry is difficult. But what exactly are the obstacles? And how can both job seekers and hiring teams improve the process? In this episode, Kyler, Ned, and guest Andrew Brown, founder of ExamPro Training Inc. and an AWS Community Hero, speak honestly about the tech job market ecosystem, share career tips, and share their own long-runway career stories.

Challenges Facing Job Seekers: Job seekers face a number of challenges in the current market. Certification mills promise quick career progression, but these certifications are no longer enough to secure interviews. The emphasis has shifted to hands-on experience, with applicants expected to have both certifications and relevant projects. However, creating these projects from scratch is a difficult task. Additionally, the sheer number of applications that applicants submit can be soul-crushing, with the majority receiving no response.

Obstacles Faced by Hiring Organizations: Hiring organizations face their own set of challenges. As a result of laying off employees, teams are stretched thinner, taking on multiple roles and responsibilities. This necessitates the hiring of entry-level candidates to alleviate the burden, but with hundreds of applications per position, hiring teams simply don't have the time to thoroughly review each one. As a result, resumes are often overlooked and candidates are filtered out based on insignificant information. The guest emphasizes the need for honesty and transparency in the hiring process and encourages employers to consider the realities of the market when making decisions.

Career Tips: Focus on acquiring experience and developing skills to overcome the challenges of job seeking. Finding projects to work on, contributing to open-source, and participating in community initiatives are all excellent ways to gain experience and develop skills. Utilizing your network and connecting with people who work at companies you're interested in are also beneficial. For hiring organizations, it is critical to review resumes with a critical eye and be transparent about the requirements for a given role. Hire for cultural fit and be open to applicants from non-traditional backgrounds. Finally, automate repetitive tasks to free up time for more meaningful tasks.

Long-Runway Career Stories: Andrew shares his long-runway career story, reflecting on his journey from the beginning of his career to his current position as CEO of ExamPro. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance and adapting to changing market conditions. Ned and Kyler also share their own experiences, highlighting the importance of taking risks and making decisions.

Conclusion: This insightful discussion covers the tech job market ecosystem, career tips for job seekers and hiring organizations, and long-runway career stories. By understanding the current landscape and adapting to changing conditions, both job seekers and hiring teams can improve their chances of success.

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