Six things to know about this year's Oscars Ceremony

  1. Want an Oscar? Better not to want it too much "…the months leading up to the Oscars are filled with behind-the-scenes politicking as studios and producers make the case for why their writers, directors, cinematographers, costume designers and actors should win the top prize…"
  2. The "Oppenheimer" crowd "Though The Conversation's coverage of the film is any indication, it doesn't deserve the win."
  3. Few new insights "In the end, the film's tension hinges on decisions made by Americans, for Americans, offering few, if any, new insights about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and their repercussions."
  4. Foreign films take center stage "This year, three non-English language films – “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Past Lives” and “The Zone of Interest” – have been nominated for best picture."
  5. The guardians of glamour "Enter Edith Head, guardian of glamour. University of Southern California fashion scholar Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén tells the story of how Head – and, later, Fred Hayman – maintained boundaries of decorum, while also encouraging stars to showcase the latest luxury trends and attire, turning the event into a dazzling fashion spectacle."
  6. Records are made to be broken "John Williams, who will be looking to take home his sixth Academy Award, holds the record for the most nominations for a living person, with 54."

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