Small, long-nosed dogs live longer, study finds

Good news for dog lovers! A new study found that small, long-nosed dogs live longer than their short-snouted counterparts. After analyzing data from 584,734 pure and crossbred dogs, researchers found that overall small, long-nosed female dogs had the longest lifespans among pure breeds, with a median of 13.3 years. On the other hand, breeds with flat faces, like French bulldogs, had a median lifespan of 11.2 years and a 40% increased risk of shorter lives compared to dogs with medium-length snouts.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, also found that larger dogs tended to have shorter lives compared to smaller dogs. Additionally, the team discovered that pure breeds had longer lifespans than crossbreeds, with a median of 12.7 years compared to 12 years, respectively. However, the researcher noted that more data needs to be gathered on the specific factors that influence longevity.

Although weight and quality of life were not addressed in the study, these are important factors to consider for dog owners. Even if your pup is lucky enough to be on the right side of both size and face shape, they may be carrying some extra weight, which can also contribute to health problems. Ultimately, the study provides valuable information for potential owners, breeders, policymakers, and welfare organizations to make informed decisions to improve the welfare of companion dogs.

As for My Girl, it sounds like you've learned a lot from this study and are considering your dog's health from now on. It's important to consider quality of life for our pups, too. While it's crucial to ensure they're around for as long as possible, we also want them to be happy and comfortable.

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