Space Junk Lawsuits, Analog FM Radio, and a Suicidal Robot

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In the realm of technology, we are constantly faced with new advancements and the struggle for spectrum dominance. The fight against analog FM radio began in the US with the transition to digital radio and streaming services. This has recently escalated in Switzerland, which has announced its plans to terminate all analog FM broadcasts by the end of the year, citing the desire to reclaim profitable spectrum. The move raises concerns about the future of terrestrial broadcasting and the potential for other countries to follow suit.

In other news, we report on the unfortunate event of a piece of space debris falling back to Earth in North Carolina, which has sparked discussions about liability and the future of space debris cleanup. To make matters worse, we uncover the tragic story of a municipal office robot in South Korea that is said to have committed suicide by intentionally rolling down a stairwell, leading to concerns about the ethical implications of introducing autonomous systems into the workplace.

Finally, in the spirit of nostalgia, we take a look at an old gas cylinder that is still in use, bearing date stamps from 1921, serving as a reminder of the enduring longevity of technologies.

We hope you will join us as we explore these fascinating stories and the perpetual struggle between old and new technologies.


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