Still Breaking Hearts and Shooting Stars: 100 Greatest Westerns of All Time

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Although often misinterpreted, westerns are the most enduring genre in the history of American movies. assembling IndieWire's list of the 100 Greatest Westerns of All Time resulted in movies appearing there that represent every single decade since the turn of the last century: The earliest film on the list is from 1903 and the most recent from 2023, with movies from five continents represented.That endurance is not just because of sagebrush and spurs and cowboy hats and horses and train robberies and six-shooters, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. It's because the best Western movies -- whether modern Westerns or those made a century ago -- are unparalleled vehicles for ideas about what America is, what it represents, how it was founded, and all the hypocrisies and contradictions and agreed-upon myths therein. Ideas so powerful they inspired reflection among filmmakers from other nations using that cinematic grammar about what their own cultures' say about themselves too. (The Soviet bloc even made a series of "Osterns" using the imagery of the Western, sometimes displaced to the steppes of Central Asia, to tell their own stories about themselves.) Even unintentionally on many occasions, this is a genre that looks, more than any other, dead-on at race, gender, capitalism, environmentalism, colonialism, and the deepest question of all: Who are you really when there's no or little authority hanging over you to mediate your behavior? When you don't have all the creature comforts of civilization? What would you become?

That's why, even though the Western is the ultimate American genre, the

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