Storage Technologies For The Grid

Recently, Reji Kumar Pillai and Michael Barnard discussed storage technologies for the grid in a seminar hosted by the India Smart Grid Forum. Reji Kumar Pillai, who leads the think tank, talked about the need for energy storage on the grid, the challenges of geographical dependence, and the declining costs of battery storage.

He argued that batteries are the best storage technology option for the grid due to their ease of deployment, versatility, and declining costs, despite their shorter lifespan compared to pumped hydro storage. India's energy storage roadmap, developed in 2018-2019, recommended battery storage for grid support based on technological and commercial viability assessments.

Michael Barnard, discussing the need for different types of storage, highlighted the increasing adoption of renewables and the challenges of managing a distributed grid. He presented a framework for understanding different storage technologies, emphasizing the need for practical, cost-effective technologies like lithium-ion batteries for grid use. He also highlighted the potential of emerging battery chemistries like LFP and the need to shift demand to manage the duck curve and distribute grid utilization.

The seminar discussed the growing importance of storage technologies for the grid, the need for a diverse range of solutions, and the importance of practical considerations like cost and ease of deployment.

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