Supreme Court Rules Against Challenge to Abortion Pill, More Challenges to Come; Biden Wants to Remove Medical Debt from Credit Scores; Trump Challenges Federal Funding for Schools That Require Vaccines

Supreme Court Rules Against Challenge to Abortion Pill The Supreme Court ruled against a challenge to the abortion pill mifepristone, ruling that the anti-abortion doctors who brought the suit against the pill lack standing to sue. The suit was dismissed unanimously with Justice Brett Kavanaugh writing that "a plaintiff's desire to make a drug less available for others does not establish standing to sue." The case was dismissed, but Anna Edney of Bloomberg News says that more challenges to the abortion pill are likely to come.

Biden Wants to Remove Medical Debt from Credit Scores The Biden administration has proposed rules that would ban medical debt from being included in calculating people's credit scores. Last year, the big credit agencies volunteered to cut medical debt that's below $500 from people's credit reports. Julie Rovner of KHN argues this addresses a major concern that many Americans have with paying for health care in the U.S., as a lot of people will pay their medical bills without question, even if they think that their bill might be wrong.

Trump Challenges Federal Funding for Schools That Require Vaccines

Trump said at a rally last month that he would strip federal funding from schools with vaccine mandates, and he says he would do it by executive order. No legislation required. This feels like it could have some pretty major consequences if he followed through on this, especially with rising measles and mumps cases in the U.S.

Generic Drugs May Not Always Be the Cheaper Option Anna Edney of Bloomberg News conducted a data dive looking into store-brand medication. She found that of those store brands, CVS has a lot more recalls than the rest, even though they're selling these same store-brand drugs. This is because they're more often going to shady contract manufacturers to make their generic products that they're selling over the counter. One company was making kids' medication with contaminated water, and for nasal sprays for babies, they were using the same machines that were used to make pesticides.

Pharmacists Report Highest Number of Drug Shortages in Decades A new study from the University of Utah Drug Information Service found that pharmacists are reporting the largest number of drugs in shortage since the turn of the century. One reason for this is a new Medicare rule that was intended to lower prices for patients at the counter. Susan Jaffe of KHN has the story. The Drug Distribution System is Close to Collapse, Right? Probably not, but we're still concerned. As pharmacies are trying to help patients at the counter, they're also being hit with a lot of the financial consequences of the drug distribution system. episode

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