Sweetgreen adds steak to menu, aims to boost dinner sales, expand customer base

Sweetgreen, known for its salads and healthier offerings, has added steak to its menu for the first time ever, marking the company's first foray into red meat. The new protein option, caramelized garlic steak, debuted on Tuesday as part of three set entrées and can also be customized in meals.

According to Axios, steak has become notably expensive, averaging $5 to $7 more than chicken or tofu at Sweetgreen locations in Manhattan. This price point makes it Sweetgreen's priciest protein yet, costing nearly twice as much as tofu and about 50% more than chicken.

Cofounder and CEO Jonathan Neman expressed optimism about the new addition, stating that it significantly impacted dinnertime orders during a February test in Boston, where it became a customer favorite. He believes steak attracts customers who wouldn't typically visit Sweetgreen due to the lack of meat options.

However, the addition of steak may conflict with Sweetgreen's sustainability goals. The company aims to become carbon neutral by 2027, but beef is a significant driver of greenhouse gas emissions. Sweetgreen's website states that the cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised, mostly sourced from farms in Australia and New Zealand that use regenerative farming principles.

Only time will tell how the steak item impacts Sweetgreen's customer base and sustainability goals. Sweetgreen's steak is seasoned with a garlic spice blend, roasted to perfection, and finished with olive oil and herbs, promising customers a juicy and flavorful experience reminiscent of classic steakhouse flavors.

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